Module 2


  • Status presentations by all 6 teams + feedback from Henrik
  • Recap of LEAN Startup Method and how to prioritize tasks
  • End outcome and how to get there
  • Landing Page Design

Topics we will cover

  • Product risk VS Market risk
  • Why frustration is necessary
  • How to test customer hypothesis + problem hypothesis (who is your customer and what problem can you solve for them)
  • Key elements of a successful landing page
  • Getting ready to meet fellow entrepreneurs in Ashkelon

Preparation for Ashkelon

  • Finish your landing page and test it with your target audience
  • Update your business model based on feedback
  • Meet with your mentor at least once
  • Prepare a 3-min pitch (Problem – Solution¬† – Market – Business Model – team)
  • Prepare questions for the other teams (what would you like to learn from them?)

Example of what your final pitch could look like (first 10 minutes)