Module 1

Workshop instructions for today:

  • Each team member creates a personal account on
  • As a team: Complete the first version of your business model on
  • Invite all team members + your mentor + Henrik ( as members of the team
  • Focus mostly on customer segmentation and problem definition
  • Develop strategy on how to test customer hypothesis + problem hypothesis (who will you talk to, where to find them)
  • Develop/revise customer interviewing script

Preparation for Module 2 (Nov 12th)

On November 12th every team will present for 3 minutes. The presentation should include: What you set out to test, how you tested you hypothesis, and what you learned.

Tasks to complete before Nov 12th:

  • Conduct 10+ interviews
  • Update LEAN Canvas according to feedback
  • Meet with your mentor at least once
  • Prepare presentation (3min)

How to select your customer segment?

How to narrow your customer segment

What to ask during your interview