Workshop Instructions

In this module we discussed what it means to have an entrepreneurial mindset and what it’s like to work in a startup. We talked about the importance of finding co-founders who have complementary skill sets and we explored the three core types of people that we need in every startup team: The Hacker, the Hustler and the Artist.

We covered the topic of Problem Identification and how important it is to truly understand the problem we want to solve before we jump ahead and begin working on ideas for potential solutions. Lastly we learned about the art of interviewing and you got some basic guidelines on how to get started with the first series of user interviews.


  • Choose an entrepreneurial type (Hacker/Hustler/Artist)
  • Form a team with 2-4 other people with complementary skill sets
  • Run a PAIN Storming session to identify interesting problems to solve
  • Select one specific problem and one specific user segment
  • Plan how you will conduct the first 10 problem interviews
  • Delegate tasks to everyone in the team (market research, interviewing, competitor analysis)

*The process is easier if you download and print out the templates below (print on A3 paper)

Slides for Module 1

Additional resources:

TEDx talk by Henrik ScheelHow the entrepreneurial mindset can change you

Article by Steve Blank onWhy the LEAN Startup Changes Everything

Instructions on how to create a script for your problem interviews: