Workshop Instructions

In Module 6 you learned how to create a short explainer video for your startup, that explainer video should go up on your landing page – a landing page is a simple website that has one clear call to action. In Module 7 you’ll learn a bit about landing pages and then we will dive into the third level of MVP testing – the SIMULATION TECHNIQUE. You will learn how companies like Airbnb and Zappos tested their riskiest assumptions through simple experiments and develop a simulation test for your own venture.


  • Learn about landing page designs and consider setting up a landing page for your startup.
  • Learn about the SIMULATION TECHNIQUE and develop a strategy for testing the riskiest assumptions for Webvan and an online tutoring business.
  • Develop a plan for using the simulation technique for your own project
  • Present your plan to the class.

Slides for Module 7

Additional resources:

Landing page creators with A/B testing capabilities: