Workshop Instructions

Today we will focus on developing innovative ideas to solve your customer’s problems. Based on the insights you got from the first round of customer interviews you can adjust your problem statement from last session. When you have updated your problem statement we will use Design Thinking techniques to generate lots of great product ideas that can help your customers solve their problems. The video above will guide you through a series of brainstorming exercises that help you quickly develop many innovative ideas. At the end of today you will present your idea to your buddy team and get valuable feedback.



  • Revise problem statement based on market insights and feedback from interviewees.
  • Generate ideas using Design Thinking techniques
  • Select one great idea
  • Present the idea to your buddy team and get feedback
  • Delegate tasks to everyone in the team (What will we do between now and next session)

Slides for Module 2

Additional resources:

TED talk by David KellyHow to build your creative confidence

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