Module 4

TEAM Tasks before next class

Get ready to present your updated Startup Canvas

Focus on:

  • Create a co-founder agreement where you outline areas of responsibility and agree to a model for equity distribution.
  • Update your Startup canvas business model + upload to Drive
  • Describe your market (specific segment + size + competition)
  • List the riskiest assumptions for your business and develop a plan for testing these over the coming weeks
  • Run the first round of interviews 10-15 to validate problem hypothesis + customer hypothesis.
  • Evaluate various technology solutions and find the best solution for your startup.


Send me an e-mail with your reflections on your work throughout the past weeks.

What challenges have you faced?
How did you deal with these challenges (you and the team)?
What have you learned from the experience so far?
How well are you and the team working together so far?
What can you improve as a team?