Project Description

In 2011 we had the privilege of being part of the StartupMalaysia initiative; a very ambitious project sponsored by the Prime Minister’s office in Malaysia. We were part of the two-day conference “Silicon Valley Comes to Malaysia” where we spoke about our experiences from working with young entrepreneurs around the world. Among the other speakers were some very high profile entrepreneurs; Jawed Karim (YouTube), Konstantin Guericke (LinkedIn), Jeff Hoffman (, Steve Koskie ( and Naval Ravikant ( so it was indeed a very inspiring event.

After the conference we ran a very successful 2-day hands-on workshop for the the top 100 CEOs in the region. This program was highly technical and focused on how to use specific online tools to accelerate and already existing startup.

The Startup Experience Bootcamp addresses a gap that is not currently addressed by most entrepreneurship programs especially in Asia. We are proud to scale the Startup Experience in Malaysia.

~ Dash Dhakshinamoorthy –

Project Details