Congratulations on your first landing page
– now it’s time to get some page views!

Having a strong online presence is crucial for almost all companies today so you might as well put in the time to learn a bit about web design and online marketing right away.

Creating a website that is easy to find will enable your customers to discover your business and place orders. There are many important aspects you need to consider when building your company website but try not to get overwhelmed in the beginning and instead just focus on getting a first version up online – better done than perfect! 


Finish your landing page and make sure you have a clear  CALL TO ACTION button 

Customize your URL (web address) and publish your website so it’s live on the Internet

Create a version B so you can run a split test experiment and discover which version has the highest conversion rate.

Create an Adwords campaign on Google by following this easy step-by-step guide:

Pro Tips: Take the time to discuss who you’re targeting (be specific so only relevant people will see your ad), select only the most relevant keywords in your ad, try multiple ads and see which ones deliver the best results.